Maurice Kain was recently featured on the Grand Designs Live blog.

Here is a snapshot of what was posted....

Sustainable living is a key theme for all home decorators, renovators and builders. Everyone nowadays wants to create a home life that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. One key decorating element that often gets overlooked in helping sustainability within the home, is window furnishings.

Just a single degree fall is temperature in the home can add 10% to your heating bill. Yet furnishing your home with good quality curtains, blinds and linings can have numerous benefits.

Our summers are getting harsher, longer and warmer. You can help shield home and contents form the harmful effect of UV rays such as fading and disintegration just by adding linings to your curtains. They are also ideal for shift workers, sleeping babies or home theatres as they can help turn day into night, offering room darkening, privacy and protection.

Just like they assist in keeping the heat out in summer, curtain linings can have the alternative effect in winter. Heat loss occurs more readily in winter, when windows are prone to condensation and chill, good quality window furnishings can help keep you warm.

Window furnishings can also help make it quiet. Ambient noise can be kept to a minimum by using curtains backed with linings. Noise is reduced and absorbed, also perfect for sleeping babies and shift working adults.

Window furnishing brands, Sekers and Maurice Kain are also supporting the Rooms By Design area of Grand Designs Live. Room by Design will see three design institutes compete to bring to life three interior design concepts live on the show floor. The design students will be vying against each other to create their own unique space utilising interior products from brands including Maurice Kain and Sekers. The competition will see three thought provoking room designs created focusing on the advancements altering the way we live and the spaces we live in.

Grand Designs Live is in Melbourne, Australia this weekend 25-27 October 2013. For further info visit the Grand Designs Live website.