Curtain Styles

There are a number of options available, all of which offer their own benefits and can be used to create different styles and moods. Here are a few of the most popular treatments:

Eyelet Curtains

Metallic eyelets are usually teamed with a metal rod lending a modern, minimalistic look to your drapes. This treatment works well with plain fabrics in muted tones, and is especially effective where other fixtures in the room are metallic.

It is also possible to coat the eyelets to match a colour in the fabric or to match other features in your room.

Tap Top Curtains

The tab top treatment gives drapes an informal feel, ideal for bedrooms. This style is seen at its best with light, simple fabrics, and in neutral colours or pastel shades which will provide contrast with the rod.

This style is especially suitable for sheers or voiles, or where drapes will not be regularly pulled open and closed as tab tops are not the easiest drapes to pull across the rod.

Pencil Pleating

Pencil pleating is one of the most common treatments, using a greater width of fabric with evenly spaced narrow pleats.

This treatment is versatile, working well with prints and plains and most different textures. The finish is casual and cosy, perfect for the lounge or bedroom.

There are loose pencil pleats and tight pencil pleats, both of which create a full appearance.

French Pleating / Triple Pinch Pleat

French or Triple Pinch pleats are groups of triple pleats, spaced evenly along the curtain which create a formal heading, with the benefit of very neat stacking to the side.

This style is ideal for a formal dining room or can be used for practical reasons where there is not much wall space beside the window.

Dutch Pleating / Double Pinch Pleat

Similar to the French style but with double pleats, this treatment has the benefits of French pleating but creates a style which balances casual with traditional, perfect for any room setting.

This style works equally well with prints, but is seen at its best with textured plains.

New York Pleating / Inverted Pleat

This style, also known as inverted pleating, creates a simple, modern look which also requires less fabric than some other styles.

Plain fabrics or those with textured weaves are complemented best by this treatment, which also stacks efficiently when curtains are drawn back from the window.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds, with their unique folding and stacking operation make simple and smart window treatments. They are also the practical choice when there is limited space either side of your windows for drapes.

Romans can be lined in the same way as drapes to provide blockout in bedrooms. The Roman treatment looks stunning with linens or neutral coloured canvas for a modern, airy appearance.

Not all fabrics are suitable for this application. We recommend you consult with your manufacturer.