How to install your curtains

At Maurice Kain, we always recommend that you use a professional installer to ensure your drapes and blinds look their best. They can also help you with the installation of tracks, rods and brackets, offering you complete service.

A General Guide to Hanging Curtains

If you have purchased some packaged curtains, you should have received some hanging instructions with your drapes. Your retailer may also be able to give you some advice.
Most curtain treatments will be 'ready to hang'. You may just need to add curtain hooks. However, if your drapes are pencil pleat, you will usually need to gather the pleats yourself. Here is a general guide to hanging pencil pleat drapes:

1. Lay your drapes out on a flat, clean surface. Note the pull cords attached to the tape at the heading end. Check your fabric care code/guidelines to see if you can iron. If ironing is permitted, gently iron out any packaging creases using a cool/warm setting. Ensure you iron on the fabric side only.

2. Pull the cords free at one end of the curtain tape. Tie a knot in the cords to prevent the cords pulling back through the tape when gathering.

3. Insert the plastic hooks into the loops on the tape, one in every fourth pocket. The hook is inserted into the pocket upside down then rotated to hook downwards.

4. Pull the cords at the opposite end to your knot, and push the fabric in the opposite direction until the curtain covers the required window width.

5. Tie a knot in the cords and conceal the hanging ends behind the drape. Do not cut the cords beyond the knot - remember you will need to stretch the curtain flat to clean it and reuse the cords to gather again afterwards.

6. Hang your curtain and ensure the heading is gathered evenly across the drape.