Lining information

With the extreme UV rating which we experience in New Zealand and Australia, it is recommended that extra precautions are taken when selecting furnishing fabrics. All fabrics, regardless of dyes used, may deteriorate under direct sunlight or reflected ultra violet light.

To help you care for your fabric, we have put together the following tips which may help you to maintain the colours of your curtains/blinds:

• Where possible, use a quality sun filter/sheer where the sun is directly reflecting on the fabric behind the glass. Without this protection, the chances of fading will increase significantly.

• A superior quality lining is always recommended. Depending on the situation, there are many different linings available to protect the fabric e.g. thermal linings for added insulation and blockout linings for light control.  Maurice Kain recommend Filigree linings, as they are rated to UVA 50+, and offer a 2 year guarantee.  They offer a complete range include poly/cotton, thermal coated, block out and woven linings.  Also available is a range of fire Retardant and Silicone Treated linings especially suited for commercial applications.

• Leading edges of the curtains (those facing the windows) are particularly vulnerable to sunlight degradation. To help minimise this effect, it is recommended that curtains be rotated periodically i.e. the left hand curtain swapped to the right hand position.

• Ensure sufficient 'stack back' is achieved to minimise direct sunlight effects by drawing the curtains back from the windows during the day. This is particularly important during the summer months. Although closing the curtains will keep the interior cooler, it is highly destructive to decorative and ordinary lined fabrics. Temperatures between the glass and curtain/blind can become extreme, causing fabrics to become fragile which can lead to tearing and disintegration.